Medical Disclaimer


Restrictions and conditions apply to all of the ZETLIFE products and services offered on this Site.

To determine the applicable restrictions and conditions you must contact us or the relevant third-party provider.

ZETLIFE products do not intend to cure or prevent any form of illness or disease.

As with all nutrition, vitamin and health related products, please consult your doctor or medical practitioner before purchasing or using any ZETLIFE products. ZETLIFE will not be held responsible for negligent use of products, or ignorance of label warnings, instructions and recommended dosage amounts.

Health Warning – Should you have any heart problems, blood pressure problems, anxiety disorder, diabetes, pregnancy, or any pre-existing condition that may be affected by one or more ingredients in our products, then please consult your medical practitioner before considering consumption or purchase of any such product. ZETLIFE cannot and will not be held liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of negligence or ignorance of the above warning.

As part of continuous quality control and ongoing product development / improvement, product information may change over time and may not always agree with current labels during the transition.