Naturally Sourced Nutrition to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle.

We All Get One Life — Why Not Make It Your Best?

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Naturally sourced nutrition to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

We All Get One Life — Why Not Make It Your Best?


Supporting Holistic Health and Wellness

We are a digital health company based in Pretoria East, South Africa, with top-tier products and supplements available nationwide. 

Zetlife products support patients and clients who suffer from serious medical illnesses like epilepsy, cancer, diabetics, and other conditions like inflammatory symptoms that increase weight and fat gain.

Our fast-paced modern world provides many conveniences but gives us much less time to focus on the diet, training, and lifestyle that will truly optimise our health. Working closely with a range of industry registered dietitians, Zetlife locates and creates the best nutritional supplements for combating illness and filling the gaps in our everyday health regimens. 

Our Products

Every product we onboard has been rigorously tried and tested within our partnership dietetics practices. Zetlife works firsthand to ensure that these items offer strong, demonstrable health benefits to patients struggling with related health or weight challenges.

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